Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lady Chatterley

OFFScreen Presents
Lady Chatterley
Dir. Pascale Ferran - Belgium/France/UK, 2004 - 168 mins

Sunday October 21st
Newcomb Hall Theater
7:00 PM ONLY
Tickets $3

Director Pascele Ferran’s adaptation of the infamous novel is taken from the lesser known, second version of D.H. Lawrence’s work. The story presents an upper-class lieutenant’s wife whose sexual frustration with her impotent husband leads her to an affair with a gamekeeper. The progression of the affair highlights the complexity of sex and love, while representing Lawrence’s belief in sexuality as a transformative experience. Under Ferran’s direction, the film is frankly sensuous, capturing a passion that is both innocent and subversive – one that transcends, without ever ignoring, class and social conventions. “To see this difficult love believably take root and flower is a tribute to the power of passion, not only the passion between lovers but the kind that animates filmmakers as well.” (Kenneth Turan, LA Times)

Click here to read Kenneth Turan's full review.

Click here to visit the official site and to view the trailer.


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