Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema

Dir. Sophie Fiennes - UK/Austria/Netherlands, 2006 - 150 min.

Sunday, September 16th
7:00 & 9:45 PM
Newcomb Hall Theatre
Tickets $3

Slavoj Zizek returns to illuminate the audience with his unique world view through his chosen medium of film. The Slovenian philosopher and psychoanalyst preaches that �cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn�t give you what you desire--it tells you how to desire.� In a three part series, Zizek explores this concept, and what cinema has to offer in uncovering the mysteries of fantasy, sexuality, and subjectivity. Using clips from over 40 films, including works by Hitchcock, the Marx Brothers, Tarkovsky, David Lynch, Ingmar Bergman, Michael Haneke, and Stanley Kubrick, Zizek delves into the collective unconscious of cinema and its audience. "Above all, The Pervert's Guide to Cinema ponders a crucial question for all film-goers: why do we continue to be emotionally affected by movies, even when we know they're fake?" (Tom Dawson, BBC)

Click here for the official site and to check out the trailers.

ALSO this film is being shown with the help of The Declaration, UVa's alternative weekly newspaper.
Check them out online here OR attend one of their production meetings every Tuesday night at 8pm in the Coup, located in the basement of Newcomb hall.


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