Thursday, September 06, 2007

First Fridays: FUZZ

A new art exhibition entitled FUZZ will be opening at the bridge this Friday with an emphasis on handcrafted work by local artists, DIY literature, clothing, and crafts, and followed up with a series of workshops through the exhibition's run. Also featured will be the first screening of the Bridge's fall film series with films by Lotte Reiniger on Thursday, Sept. 27th.

Here's a break down of the exhibition w/ dates and details:
Friday, September 7th
Opening Reception
6 to 10pm
Music at 7:30

The opening reception for Fuzz will be colorful and social. There will be cupcakes and an intriguing musical performance by GULL (Nate from Ultra Dolphins!). In addition to the displayed works, there will be a DIY merchandise table with handmade zines, clothing, and frills!

Sunday, September 9th
Musical Performance by Corndawg & friends
7 pm
$3 (for touring performers)

Jonny Fritz also known as The Corndawg will perform his unique blend of humorous and heartfelt songs. We are not sure how to describe a Corndawg performance except to say that you will find yourself laughing and then be unexpectedly moved. How about this? The man is a skilled airbrush artist with an Appalachian falsetto. We are honored to have him play at the Fuzz show.

Thursday, September 13th
Drawing Party & Zine-Making Workshop
7 to 10 pm

A friendly drawing party. Paper and markers will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own, too! Because sometimes it is just nice to sit with other people and draw. Also, we will be sharing zine-making skills and advice.

Sunday, September 16th
Musical Performance by Big Bear
8 pm
$5 (for the touring band)

Big Bear is a female-fronted band that plays jagged, screamy spazzy music full of fractured, dissonant melodies. They are on Monitor Records, home to Battles, the Oxes and Video Hippos.

Wednesday, September 19th
Sewing Workshop
5 to 8 pm

Bring fabric or clothing to alter and sewing materials if you any (even a sewing machine). Sewing machines will be on hand if you don’t have your own. Together we’ll learn how to make some simple things. This workshop will be led by Becca Mccharen, who has made been making her own unique clothing for years.

Saturday, September 22nd
Pinata-making Workshop
3 to 6 pm

The piñata is a brightly-colored paper-mache container, often shaped as an animal and filled with treats. Kristin Smith, who has made piñatas representing endangered animals for Fuzz, will lead this workshop. Come as you are, leave with a wealth of sweet knowledge.

Sunday, September 23rd
Circuit-Bending Workshop

Sonic Fuzz! Circuit bending is the creative short-circuiting of battery-powered audio devices like children's toys and small synthesizers to create new musical instruments and sound generators. You don’t need any experience to participate, just bring your toy/lo-fi instruments. If you don't have something to work on, bring one of the following: 4 AA batteries, one 9V AC adaptor, or 5 bucks. Electronics geniuses & engineers strongly encouraged to attend and help out. This workshop will be led by Adam Rogers and Josh Van Horne, both of whom have experimented with electronic music.

Thursday, September 27th
Fall Film Series: Films by Lotte Reiniger
8 pm

The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative’s Fall Film Series proudly presents short films by Lotte Reiniger. Reiniger was a pioneer of shadow puppet animation starting in the early 20th century. Inspired by Chinese silhouette puppetry as a child, Reiniger went on to make dream-like, ornately handcrafted shadow puppet films. Her work is astounding for its attention to detail and because she devised the first multi-plane camera for certain effects at least a decade before Walt Disney.
Saturday, September 29th
Closing Reception & Potluck

Bring a dish to share and leave with a handmade recipe zine.

Sunday, September 30th
Last Day of Fuzz show
12 to 3 pm


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