Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Architecture films Wed. Night

The AIA Film Festival continues tomorrow night with three films at the Charlottesville Community Design Center.

Lagos / Koolhaas by Bregtje van der Haak
LAGOS / KOOLHAAS follows Koolhaas during his research in Lagos over a period of two years as he wanders through the city, talking with people and recognizing the problems with water, electricity and traffic. But instead of judging the city to be doomed, he is able to interpret this 'culture of congestion' positively, thereby creating a completely new concept of the big city.
55 mins.
Recycle by Vasco Nunes
6 mins. Documentary short
Architecture of Reassurance by Mike Mills
Through the eyes and imagination of a young girl, Architecture of Reassurance explores life in a suburban wonderland where objects and design create an illusion of identity, belonging and comfort. Mike Mills (also the Dir. of Thumbsucker) blurs the lines of narrative film with documentary technique by exploring the ideas and lives behind suburbia's architecture.
23 mins.

p.s. - everyone who loves a little Koolhaas should check this out. (or if you just enjoy a good laugh and some snappy flash animation)


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