Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bridge Fall Film Series - Avant Garde Nightmares

The Bridge will be showing its second installment of their Fall Film Series this Thursday.

Avant-Garde Nightmares
Oct 18th’s screening will be a night of spooky and sinister experimental films, including several ghastly and ghoulish short works to get us all in the mood for the Halloween season. The evening’s debaucherous delights will include two works by legendary filmmaker Kenneth Anger: “Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome,” a satanic ritual in film language, and “Invocation of My Demon Brother,” a mystical journey scored by Mick Jagger on the Moog synthesizer. There will also be two avant-garde responses to the modern slasher-horror film: “The Scary Movie,” Peggy Ahwesh’s 1993 film in which two small girls re-enact the genre’s stereotypes, and “Outer Space,” in which Peter Tscherkassky re-appropriates horror-movie footage, literally deconstructing the image to implicate the viewer in a murder.

So that's
Thursday, Oct. 18th
The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative
205 Monticello Rd.
7:00 PM
Admission: $5


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