Sunday, October 28, 2007

Human Rights Watch Update!

The schedule for the Human Rights Watch Film Festival has been finalized!

Monday, November 5 | Minor 125 | 7pm
The Devil Came on Horseback
Dir. Annie Sundberg & Ricki Stern | Prod. USA, Chad | 2006 | 85 mins.
Presented by STAND: Students Taking Action Now
This screening will feature Prof Michael Smith to kick-off the Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival.

Tuesday, November 6 | Minor 125 | 7pm
Dir. B. Perlmutt & N. Walker III | Prod. DRC,USA | 2007 | 72 mins.
Presented by the Organization of African Students

Wednesday, November 7 | Newcomb Theater | 7pm
Dir. Alejandro Landes | Prod. Argentina | 2007 | 94 mins.
Presented by La Alianza

Thursday, November 8 | Clark 107 | 7pm
Hot house
Dir. Shimon Dotan | Prod. Israel | 2006 | 89 mins.
Presented by Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine

Sunday, November 11 | Clark 107 | 7pm
Enemies of Happiness
Dir. Eva Mulvad & Anja Al-Erhayem | Prod. Denmark | 2006 | 58 mins.
Presented by Afghan Student Association

Monday, November 12 | Cabell 138 | 7pm
City of Photographers
Dir. Sebastian Moreno Mardones | Prod. Chile | 2006 | 80 mins.
Presented by La Alianza

Tuesday, November 13 | Cabell 345 | 7pm
A Lesson in Belarusian
Dir. Miroslaw Dembinski | Prod. Poland, Belarus | 2006 | 51 mins.
Presented by Amnesty International

Wednesday, November 14 | Newcomb Theater | 7pm
The Unforeseen
Dir. Laura Dunn | Prod. USA | 2007 | 93 mins.
Presented by OFFscreen Film Society

Thursday, November 15 | Maury 209 | 8pm
Suffering and Smiling
Dir. Dan Ollman | Prod. Nigeria, USA | 2007 | 65 mins.
Presented by the Organization of African Students

As more details develop (aka speakers for each of the events) or to just read a more detailed description, check out the website! (made by the talented Mike Loew)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


OFFScreen Presents

Manufactured Landscapes
A Film by Jennifer Baichwal
featuring the photographic work of Ed Burtnysky

Manufactured Landscapes is the striking new documentary on the world and work of renowned artist Edward Burtynsky. Internationally acclaimed for his large-scale photographs of “manufactured landscapes”—quarries, recycling yards, factories, mines and dams—Burtynsky creates stunningly beautiful art from civilization’s industrial materials and debris. The film follows him through China, as he shoots the evidence and effects of that country’s massive industrial revolution. With breathtaking sequences, such as the opening tracking shot through an impossibly immense factory floor, the filmmakers extend the narratives of Burtynsky’s photographs, allowing us to meditate on our impact on the planet and witness both the epicenters of industrial endeavor and the dumping grounds of its waste.

Sunday, October 28
Newcomb Hall Theater
7:00 & 9:30 PM - 80 min.
Tickets $3

Join us after the 7:00 PM screening for a discussion of the film, Burtynsky's work, and the current state of the industrial impact in China. The discussion will be led by Beth Meyer, and associate professor in the landscape architecture department in the architecture school.

Click here to visit the official site for the trailer.

Click here for more stunning images.

I can't get enough so I'm going to include a few extras here:


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lady Chatterley

OFFScreen Presents
Lady Chatterley
Dir. Pascale Ferran - Belgium/France/UK, 2004 - 168 mins

Sunday October 21st
Newcomb Hall Theater
7:00 PM ONLY
Tickets $3

Director Pascele Ferran’s adaptation of the infamous novel is taken from the lesser known, second version of D.H. Lawrence’s work. The story presents an upper-class lieutenant’s wife whose sexual frustration with her impotent husband leads her to an affair with a gamekeeper. The progression of the affair highlights the complexity of sex and love, while representing Lawrence’s belief in sexuality as a transformative experience. Under Ferran’s direction, the film is frankly sensuous, capturing a passion that is both innocent and subversive – one that transcends, without ever ignoring, class and social conventions. “To see this difficult love believably take root and flower is a tribute to the power of passion, not only the passion between lovers but the kind that animates filmmakers as well.” (Kenneth Turan, LA Times)

Click here to read Kenneth Turan's full review.

Click here to visit the official site and to view the trailer.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Human Rights Watch Film Festival

OFFScreen is proud to announce that it will be screening a film with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival next month, Nov. 5-15 here at UVa.

The Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival is a collection of films from the London and New York Human Rights Watch Film Festivals and sets out with the hope that these documentaries and feature films will stimulate passionate conversations about human rights and inspire new generations of human rights activists.

In collaboration with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the Human Rights Film Festival has been displaying controversial viewpoints since 1994.

The Unforeseen
Produced by Robert Redford and Terrence Malick
Directed by Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn’s beautifully crafted documentary, (Executive Producers Terrence Malick and Robert Redford), The Unforeseen, follows the career of Gary Bradley, an ambitious west Texas farm boy who went to Austin and became one of the state’s most powerful real estate developers, capitalizing on Austin’s boomtown growth beginning in the 1970s. At the peak of his powers, Bradley transformed 4000 acres of pristine Hill Country into one of the state's largest and fastest-selling subdivisions. When the development threatened a local treasure, “Barton Springs”—a natural spring-fed swimming hole—the community fought back and the subdivision became a lightning rod for environmental activism of the kind that flourished under Governor Ann Richards. However, when George W. Bush became governor, development laws change, and the water quality at Barton Springs, as well as the surrounding landscape of Austin, was irreversibly altered. The Unforeseen is a powerful meditation on the destruction of the natural world and the American Dream as it falls victim to the cannibalizing forces of unchecked development. It is an intricate tale of personal hopes, victories, and failures, and debates over land, economics, property rights, and the public good.

The film will screen on Wednesday, Nov. 14th in Newcomb Hall Theater, Time is TBA

A different film will screened each night through the course of the festival.
Dates and times are in the process of being confirmed. Please check back for more info over the course of the next few days!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

VA Film Fest - Brand Upon the Brain!

Despite our best efforts, Guy Maddin will not be available to attend the screenings of Brand Upon the Brain! with the Film Festival this year. Additionally, tickets for this film will not be sold online with the rest of the VA Film Fest tickets. They will only be sold at the door, as is the norm for our weekly screenings.

So be sure to show up early so tickets don't sell out!

Click here for the blurb that is available for the film on the vafilm website.

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Bridge Fall Film Series - Avant Garde Nightmares

The Bridge will be showing its second installment of their Fall Film Series this Thursday.

Avant-Garde Nightmares
Oct 18th’s screening will be a night of spooky and sinister experimental films, including several ghastly and ghoulish short works to get us all in the mood for the Halloween season. The evening’s debaucherous delights will include two works by legendary filmmaker Kenneth Anger: “Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome,” a satanic ritual in film language, and “Invocation of My Demon Brother,” a mystical journey scored by Mick Jagger on the Moog synthesizer. There will also be two avant-garde responses to the modern slasher-horror film: “The Scary Movie,” Peggy Ahwesh’s 1993 film in which two small girls re-enact the genre’s stereotypes, and “Outer Space,” in which Peter Tscherkassky re-appropriates horror-movie footage, literally deconstructing the image to implicate the viewer in a murder.

So that's
Thursday, Oct. 18th
The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative
205 Monticello Rd.
7:00 PM
Admission: $5

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