Saturday, May 19, 2007

Flicks by Chicks

This coming Thursday, May 24th, Flicks by Chicks is taking place at the Bridge as the final installation in the Spring Film Series.

Here's a summary:
Host Sarah Lawson continues her mini-series begun at DUST last month with Flicks By Chicks. Provocative and visionary, yet often under- or mis-represented, films by female directors have helped redefine modes of cinematic representation. This screening will include an assortment of short films by Martha Colburn, Sally Potter, Joyce Wieland, Lynne Ramsay, Janie Geiser, Shirley Clarke, Miranda July and others.

Show starts at 8pm and tickets are $5 as usual.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Geometric Hallucinations

It's been a long time since anything has been announced on this website, but that is not to say that c-ville isn't still busy with film events.

Geometric Hallucinations, is this weeks event at the bridge as part of the Spring film series.

This program will showcase several abstract films, dealing with the movement of colored shapes across the screen, often designed to induce a transcendent experience within the viewer. The evening will feature the works of 1960’s computer animation pioneers John and James Whitney, including Experiments in Motion Graphics, an inspiring documentary by John Whitney which explains the complex and brilliant method of filmmaking he invented. Also included are several shorts by the New Zealand experimental animator Len Lye, more early films by Bridge fan-favorite Oskar Fischinger, and a single-channel work by contemporary filmmaker Sandra Gibson.

Geometric Hallucinations
@ The Bridge
Thursday May 10th
tickets $5

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