Friday, October 06, 2006

OFFScreen Presents "4"

Sunday, October 8th
7 & 9:30 PM
126 mins.
Dir. Ilya Khrzhanovsky - Russia, 2005

Director Ilya Khrjanovsky's 4 is an apocalyptic journey through the dark heart of the new Russia. Three strangers meet in a Moscow bar one late night and spin fantastic stories, all of them lies. They depart and journey their separate ways through a landscape filled with decaying meat, wild dogs, ravenous crones, cloned piglets, and a host of modern industrial horrors. Distribution of 4 was held up by Russian censors who wanted 40 controversial minutes cut, but relented after the film won acclaim at film festivals around the world. A completely unique and disturbing film, 4 is a "blast of vibrant, vicious, gloomy electricity from the always-surprising Russian film scene, and the beginning of an important career." (

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Click here to read a review of 4 by Robert Abele in the Los Angeles Times.

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