Thursday, April 09, 2009

"Stardust Memories" Preview

"What do you think was the significance of the Rolls-Royce?"
"I think it represented his car"

Maybe this joke explains the hit-or-miss critical reception to Woody Allen's 1980 masterpiece "Stardust Memories." Often drawing comparisons with Fellinni's "8 1/2," Allen's film not only targets critics, but, as NYT critic Janet Maslin, writes, ''Stardust Memories'' is inhabited by grotesques, sycophants, every kind of fool, and when the film takes aim at any of them it easily hits its mark." This may include you, if you are honest with yourself. Be prepared to be put off and awed over the course of the same 90 minutes. Roger Ebert famously said of this film, "It is the first Woody Allen film in which impotence has become the situation rather than the problem. This is a movie about a guy who has given up." Perhaps this is what makes the film transcendent and modern. It is unafraid to face such abysses...with humor.

"I would trade an Oscar for one more second of life."

Obviously not to be missed, "Stardust Memories" will be shown in glorious black and white at the Newcomb Hall Theater. One night only: Sunday, April 12 at 7 and 9:30 PM. Tickets are $3.

nice clip after the jump

Stardust Memories Clip (not a trailer)


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