Friday, March 02, 2007

First Fridays

As you all probably know today is another First Friday. here are some highlights of what's going on around town tonight:

Satellite Ballroom:
SCREENING: "Live From...the Hook"
with live music from Alligator
Doors at 7, movie at 7:30 / $15-$40
"Live from...the Hook" is a small, compelling film about the history and camaraderie of the Charlottesville music scene, a story about a community of musicians and music fans who share a co-dependent passion for live music. Our story is seen through the eyes of many local musicians, from members of the Charlottesville Blues All-Stars to the Dave Mathews Band. At the center of the song and story circle are Bob Girard and Charlie Pastorfield, two local rock n roll guys who met in Probability class at UVA many moons ago and have since played together live on the same stage more than 2000 times. What are the odds? In their time, these two friends have flirted with stardom, taken the day jobs, nurtured families, loved and lost friends. They have experienced night after night onstage and day after day on the road, the agony of near death on the streets of Rome, and the ecstasy of resurrection back home...all for the music. LFTH is a rip-roaring regional film about the wide-open Virginia music scene in the 70s and 80s. The college circuit, country parties, and, of course, Easters. So many great bands, so much fun. Inside stories of off-the-wall parties and glimpses of long-lost archival live performances, plus a live performance, following the screening by Charlottesville’s own Alligator.

Charlottesville Community Design Center:
Student and Faculty Art and Design Auction.
Come and place a silent bet on outstanding work from the students and faculty at the UVA School of Architecture. All procedes go towards funding the ecoMOD project, which involves an annual design process of a Ecological Modular home that is also economical. Once designed these houses are constructed annuallly by the student at UVA.


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