Saturday, February 24, 2007

Venus: Now Playing at Vinegar Hill Theatre

Venus, by Dir. Roger Michell and starring Peter O'Toole, began playing at Vinegar Hill Theatre last night.

has been nominated for an Academy Award for Peter O'Toole's performance. The film chronicles a formerly star-actor(O'Toole's character "Maurice") who, due to his age, has continually "typecasted" in roles of dead people on television programs. When his close friendm, Ian, becomes fearful that his own death draws near he asks his niece's daughter to come and care for him. Jessie(Jodie Whittaker) serves little in aiding Ian, but ends up giving Maurice new insight into life and he begins to deem her "Venus."

Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times writes, "Told with wit, genuine poignancy and all kinds of humor, "Venus" charts the unlikely relationship between a man in his 70s and a young woman more than half a century his junior. This is a relationship unlike any we've seen, and it's a measure of the film's subtle gifts that it is easier to watch it unfolding than to precisely define what we're seeing."

Click here to read Turan's full review.

Show times are daily 4:50pm, 7:00pm, 9:10pm, plus
Saturday and Sunday at 2:40pm.


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