Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Tonight, at 7pm at Vinegar Hill Theatre, the VA Film Society is screening its second feature in their Spring Series.

Perf.Form (a Double-Projector Feature in Three Parts)
Performed by Sandra Gibson + Luis Recorder
"Both individually and in collaboration, Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder are creating some of the most innovative and engaging light works of the present time. I hesitate to say "films", since their work, though it is grounded in an understanding and application of celluloid, goes beyond a general understanding of what film is, taking into consideration the architecture and circumstances of the performance / viewing situation and the physical and emotional presence of light itself. From the inventive ways that they create images on the film strip to the use of multiple projection that often incorporates live performance, Luis and Sandra are two of the most vital young artists working in the field of 'expanded cinema.'"- Mark Webber, The Times BFI London Film Festival

This event is being Cosponsored by Brown College, and there will also be a corresponding video exhibit going on at the UVA Art Museum entitled "Lights Works" by Luis Recoder and Sandra Gibson. It will run Feb. 20-March 19.

As Usual, tickets are $8 for the general public and free for Film Society Members.

As for last weeks screening of Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis, it is going to rescheduled since it was cancelled due to snow and ice. I'll let you know when that happens.

Everybody get ready, this is going to be a very busy film week.


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