Sunday, February 11, 2007

Brothers of the Head

OFFScreen Presents
Brothers of the Head
A Film By Keith Fulton & Louis Pepe - UK, 2005 - 93 mins
TONIGHT Sunday, February 11th
700 & 930 pm
Newcomb Hall Theater
Tickets $3

Reinventing a worn genre, Brothers of the Head is the feverish, perception-altering tale of conjoined twins Tom and Barry Howe, whose father sold them to a former vaudeville star to be groomed into a rock band. The group's career is chronicled by an American cinéma vérité filmmaker, who creates a painfully intimate study of the band, which is also a reflection on the calculated theatricality of popular music. Smirkingly clever and dramatically complex, this film tells the story of two brothers who create a minor sensation in Britain on the eve of punk rock. "Brothers of the Head is not a freak show, or a knockoff Rocky Horror camp celebration. It's a work of powerful atmosphere and significant mystery. Plus, it rocks." (Andrew O'Hehir, Salon)

To view more wacky images and the trailer for Brothers of the Head you can check out the official website.

Additionally, the film was written by Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and features a soundtrack that displays The Bang Bang's "hits" along with other tracks contained within the film. Just to emphasize the rock-documentary nature of Brothers of the Head, a full-length music video was produced of the Bang Bang's "2-way Romeo".The video and most other music on the soundtracks can be heard here.


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