Thursday, January 18, 2007

Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck's work on "Half Nelson"

Anna Boden may not be accreditted as a director, but her hand in the creation of Fleck's Half Nelson is undeniable. Not only is she the co-writer of the film, but worked as its Editor. She reportedly told Ellen Mills of that before her and Ryan Fleck gained the funding to begin constructing the film she was struggling as a receptionist.

Despite financial struggles, Fleck & Boden have successfully produced, directed, written and editted this and another feature length film, "Young Rebels," (pictured on left). Also, under their belt are several short films.

Women who manage to hold a strong presence within the realm of filmmaking are unfortunately hard to come by, and therefore we at OFFscreen think Boden's hand in this harshly belieavable film is worth bringing to the attention of our audiences.

To read Mills' full interview with Boden click here.


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