Thursday, August 28, 2008

November 16th-7:00 and 9:30-87 minutes
Dir. Alex Karpovsky-USA 2008

In the town of Brinkley, Arkansas, tensions and excitement boil over with the sudden appearance of the ivory-billed woodpecker, a rare species of bird assumed to be extinct. Soon, the community of bird-enthusiasts, environmentalists, hunters, and profiteers is turned upside-down with the arrival of this extraordinary species. Enter Johnny and Wes, a would-be bird-watcher and his uninterested poet friend. Together, the two scour the hillsides, refusing to leave before at least catching a glimpse, all while musing on the nature of love, death, life, and birds. . Told in the mocumentary-style of such hits as Best in Show and A Mighty Wind, the newest film by Alex Karpovsky "soars above the bulk of low-budget Amer-indie farces, earning a beakful of yuks. (Robert Nelson, Variety)."


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