Sunday, February 03, 2008

Terror's Advocate

OFFscreen Presents
Terror's Advocate
Dir. Barbet Schroeder - France, 2007 - 135 min.
Sunday, February 3 - 7:00 & 9:45 PM

Barbet Schroeder attempts to illuminate the mystery behind the enigmatic Jacques Vergès, the controversial lawyer and former Free French Forces guerrilla fighter who has defended unpopular political figures and war criminals. Centered around interviews with Vergès, his colleagues, clients and comrades, the documentary seeks to uncover a man who took pride in his unparalleled tactics in the fields of law and politics. Schroeder explores and questions the history of blind terrorism and reaches towards shocking revelations that expose long-hidden histories. "It is one of the most engaging, morally unsettling political thrillers in quite some time, with the extra advantage of being true." (A. O. Scott, New York Times)

Click here to read A.O Scott's Full Review.

Click here to visit the official site of the film and check out the trailer.


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