Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wonderful Town
September 14th- 7:00 and 9:30- 92 minutes
Dir. Aditya Assarat- Thailand 2008

Director Aditya Assarat’s second feature length film follows Na, a woman who owns a small hotel in the city of Takua Pa, in southern Thailand. Na’s seaside hotel is still recovering from theTsunami that decimated the coast of Thailand and killed several thousand citizens in Takua Pa. Na’s lone guest at her hotel is Ton, an architect rebuilding a tsunami-damaged shore resort. Soon Na and Ton begin a relationship, angering Na’s brother Wit. Through out the film Assarat sustains “command as he guides his material into darker waters. It’s no small feat to pull off as sweet and sensitive a romance as that between Na and Ton, and something rarer yet to suffuse such affections into a poem of wounded landscape.” (Nathan Lee, The New York Times)


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